diumenge, 10 de maig del 2015

The paperless library / F.W. Lancaster (1978)

"It is my belief that the prevalent view in the profession of the library of the future, and how this library will handle the problems already besetting it, is myopic in the extreme. This view ignores the significance of many social, technological, and economic trends, quite evident in the world around us, that point unambiguously to the fact that many types of publication, perhaps the great majority, are highly unlikely to exist indefinitely in print on paper form."

"Whether we like it or not, society is evolving from one whose formal communication has, for centuries, been based almost exclusively on print on paper to one whose formal communication will be largely paperless (i.e ., electronic)."

"The implications of this for libraries are obviously of the greatest significance. The library problem will no longer be one of inadequate space. It may not even be one of inadequate financial resources. Rather, it is likely to be one of justification for existence and simple survival. Will libraries be needed in an electronic wot ld in which documents exist in machine-readable rather thim printed form and any such document can be accessed by any individual who can reach a terminal wherever that document happens .to be stored?"

F. W. Lancaster / 
Whither Libraries? or, Wither Libraries // College & Research Libraries v. 39(1978) n. 5, p. 345-357.